• Your Building Questions Answered

Do you know when you should locate and contact a builder to get the ball rolling once you’ve decided to build?

Are you concerned you might end up with a less-than satisfactory job?

Then read on, as I answer these two important questions for you.

1/ How far in advance do I need to contact a builder if I’m considering building a house?

Ideally you will contact your builder as soon as possible. Building a new home involves many different stages, and that’s before the concrete slab even goes down!

A good builder should be willing to sit down with you and answer any questions you may have about your options.

They will have knowledge that can help you understand things such as, how soil types in the area you are considering building in will impact the costs of footings and the style of home suitable for the climate and block of land.

They can assist you in designing a house plan to meet your needs and budget, or alternatively work with your own plan.

Your builder can help you understand the stages, timeframes and costs throughout the process, so you can plan ahead to make relocating into your new home an enjoyable process.

Having an idea of the potential cost of building your dream home is essential if you are applying for a mortgage.

So, to put it simply … my advice is to find and contact a builder as early in the decision-making process as is possible.

2/ How do I avoid ending up with a shonky job?

The best way to avoid a shonky job is to do your homework up-front where possible.

In Qld, builders of residential and commercial property must be licensed with the qbcc (Queensland Building and Construction Commission).

The qbcc is the State’s building and construction industry regulator.

I recommend conducting a search of any builder you are considering working with to make sure they are registered.

This registration means they must conduct all work within the boundaries of the government legislation which governs the industry and are answerable if they don’t.

Here’s the link to my registration details , as an example of what you’ll find.

There is a lot of other relevant information on the qbcc website that you will find useful.

So, you have found a registered builder, does this mean they won’t do shonky work?!

As in any industry, there are people who go the extra mile in the details and those that perform at a minimum standard!

Some people are easier to work with than others and not everyone communicates in a way that you will be comfortable with.

Poor communication can lead to skewed expectations and costly mistakes.

To avoid being dissatisfied, I recommend asking some key questions to ensure you have the best builder for your needs.

To make this easier for you, we have created a list of questions for you to ask.

Read – Questions to Ask When Looking for a Builder to download the list.

Talk to as many previous clients as you can. Look at the builder’s previous work and take the time to research before signing any contracts.

These were two of the questions sent on by our Real Estate Roundup listeners.

You can send your questions to me via the link on the Podcast page and your question could end up featured on one of our Power FM segments. Either way, I will get back to you ASAP.

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