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Who’s Who in the Building Zoo!

Building a new house is a team effort.

As a new home builder it can seem like you have a menagerie of people swarming over the build site!

Knowing who is responsible for each task will make it easier for you to understand the process, and to know who you need to talk to to have your questions answered.

If you’ve read our article, “Questions to ask when looking for a Builder”, you can apply most of the same questions to the other professionals involved in building your dream home.

In most instances, your builder will already have a team of the professionals listed below who they work with or can refer you to, and will work in a project management role during the construction of your new home.

Let’s look at who’s who in the building zoo!


The Architect

An Architect designs custom homes. Think of them as beavers with better teeth!

They approach a space from a design point of view, consider your unique requirements and design a structure to meet your needs and tastes. There is rarely a space they can’t adapt to!

If you have your own plan or buy a ready-made plan, you may not have to use an architect. At baseup we work with you on any existing plans you may have, or can assist you in creating a custom plan to meet your needs.


The Engineer

While the Architect is the creative animal in the zoo, the Structural Engineer is the all-seeing Owl who ensures the structure meets building standards and is both stable and strong. No one messes with the Owl!


Draftsperson or Building Designer

These are the technical artists of the building zoo. They can work under the direction of an Architect or independently, to draft the technical drawings/plans for your new home, which will be lodged for approval with your regional council.


The Surveyor

A land surveyor may be required to determine the contours and boundaries of the site. Think of them as the magpies, swooping in to ensure everyone is in their own territory!


The Builder

Now of course, the builder is the Lion in the building zoo, as we play a vital role in building your new home!

The builder is responsible for overseeing construction. If you have not employed a project manager they will fulfil that role as well, organising trades and providing accurate costings.



Without reliable, professional tradies, the build simply cannot progress!

A typical house build will require an excavator, electrician, plumber, concretor, carpenter, bricklayer, plasterer, roofer, tiler, painter, gasfitter and landscaper.

They are as tough and industrious as ants and good ones are irreplaceable!



The certifier works on behalf of the government to ensure the house is being built according to the approved plans, engineering requirements and Australian standards.

They have the whole eagle eye thing going on!

Construction cannot progress to the next stage unless a certifier has provided the relevant approvals.


I hope this has helped you create a mental picture of who’s who in the building zoo!

Building a new home involves coordinating this team of professionals to ensure timeframes are met and everything is completed in the right sequence.

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